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Good Service here ! @ Technicalhelps

Shivam Jain said:

Hey Admin

A very new trend we found here :first_place:

I'll definitely ask you if i required any technical issue.

Thanks & Regards
Shivam Jain

Thanks we're glad to heard you'll like our service.

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How to use Technicalhelps a Easy Tech Community

Welcome to Technicalhelps ~ We here pleased to freely announced that the Technicalhelps.org is now fully live with this easy use.

This service is easy and user friendly web based application with many features based to improve user experience . By Accessing Technicalhelps.org you're get many premium technical support easily with our members and based on the Administrator reviews this expert s community is very easily Accessing .. We're continuously improving our services and new trending web adoption with latest technology we're happy to assist you.

Feel free to post your topic without any doubts in mind.

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Php editor

I am now closing this topic and Query now Solved.

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Leased Line - A Boom in intranet

Dear Members.

Today i am posting a topic regarding leased line networks. Basically leased line is a type of intranet link b/w .

A poing ( Usually Corporate Office ) B point ( Remote or Central Site) Leased line having Annually / Quaterly payment modes. Leased Line is secured instead internet lines. Leased line are of two Types :: Ponit to Point or else MPLS (Multi Protocol Labelled Switched ) Leased line in india provided by MTNL / BSNL and Many more ISP like Airtel , Aircel , Tata Communications / etc. WAN link may established where there is lot of leased Line Basically leased line having bandwidth for the link which customer willing to pay i,e. 512 Kbps / 1 - 2 Mbps .. etc.

So if you want having any concern for Leased line please post your question below or Use Ask Above the website.

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Wifi not able to connect - Best Answer !

Your phone wifi is not able to connect :

Must do the following points it will definately solve your problem.

Make Sure that your phone is in range of wifi network. Also there is sometime wrong password do troubles. So check it once. Check your wifi AP is powered on. Not able to connect internet - Contact and complain your internet service provider.

Also there is lot of problems found so if you need query for this please feel free to ask at Technicalhelps.

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While purchasing a computer - Think this once

Usually everyone needs a personal computer in their life and mostly for their various regular using purposes in daily life computer system is mostly played crucial role.

Once you're buying a computer system make sure the following points in your mind and choices so that this plays a good role in your futuristic life.

Need or Purpose of Computer : First of All find the need that is most important categorize the computer system and need like for entertainment purposes / official purposes ,etc Cost Matters : Yes A cost specially matters when you're trying to buy a computer system .. The more cheap and convenient low cost budget matters. Performance : A high speed computer system is a good choice and it must be categorized as Low for your ordinary purposes , Mid or medium performance parameter based computer can be used as personal or entertainment purposes and finally High cost use for business or gaming purposes. No issuematic or low problems : A warranty is mostly provided by many computer original equipments manufacturer OEM's for ensuring their customer needs and easy support when isolated their PC. Must keep in mind when you're buying a computer this will be having good AMC (Annual Maintaining Contract) aside with brand name.

So once you're planning to buying a good pc please make sure the above points kept in mind also please post your reply if you're need any support.

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